Catching up with Plymouth South Girls’ Basketball Head Coach Matt DellaBarba

Four Deep Sports Talk Show caught up with Plymouth South girls’ basketball head coach Matt DellaBarba to chat about the season and playing during a pandemic.

1) Question: Coach, what were your expectations going into the season and how has the team performed?

Answer:We had two players graduate that had the ball in their hands a lot so while we had a 10-plus varsity players returning everyone had to step into a new role and I think we’re still finding our groove.

2) Question: How unique is coaching during a pandemic? What is the biggest challenge?

Answer: “It’s pretty unique but I think both players and coaches appreciate the opportunity to play and aren’t taking anything for granted. Each game we play win or lose is a win because we were able to play. The biggest challenge I think is staying focused on us and not worrying about what schools are quarantined and if our games will happen and just staying focused on us and our progress.”

3) Question: How do you feel like going though this season will help both you and your program in the future?

Answer: “No question it’s made me a better coach, we have more Sideline plays this season than the previous 2 season’s combined, for a team that has thrived on halftime adjustments not having a real half time, not having the pre-game preparation, will only help prepare us moving forward.”

4) Question: Can you tell me something about your team that most people don’t know.

Answer: “We have to have one of the highest team GPA’s in the league, I think we have eight or nine varsity players that are in the National Honor Society. We have players that also compete on the Math team, players that have competed in History competitions, etc.. We have a very well-rounded team.”

5) Question: What’s your game day routine?

Answer: “Lots of 90’s Hip Hop on the radio and I stop for a large iced coffee regular and two bottles of water at the Kingston Dunkin’ Donuts every game day.”

6) Question: What’s your main message to the club as the head into the home stretch?

Answer: “Keep building and keep improving, every day. Take advantage of each day as a separate opportunity and don’t settle for being the same player you were yesterday.